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The Story Behind the Names

One of our most asked question is why our business is named “Reese+Kayte” and I love telling the meaning behind our name. I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful girl, Makenna Reese and Heidi Kayte so when coming up with a name for the business, I wanted it to reflect the season I was in when I started! My girls are one of the reasons why I do what I do. I started my business as a hobby for myself but then it quickly turned into a better future for my family. My second daughter’s middle name is spelled with a “y” to incorporate my late grandma’s middle name “Kay” so it makes our business name even more special!

(Kenna Reese and Heidi Kayte)

When scrolling through our website, you may have noticed names with different earrings and you may be wondering why they are named what they are. Our business started with 4 foundational styles Kenna (a half beaded style), Heidi (a half beaded style with metal spacers), Avalon (a full beaded style) and a Vayren (a half beaded style with double beads/double spacers). These foundational styles are named after my daughters (Kenna and Heidi) as well as my nieces (Avalon and Vayren). Since creating our first 4 styles, we have added 2 more styles name “Jo” and “Nell” which are the middle names of my nieces. We name them this way as a way to keep things organized when creating new earrings. We have certain color combinations that are named after ones that inspired the creation such as the “Deborah”, which is my youngest sister.

(Avalon Jo and Vayren Nell)