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Meet the Team

Reese+Kayte has turned into a family business as it has turned into something that is hard to run alone, especially with young kids! I’m super blessed to have a family who want to be involved with Reese+Kayte and I want to highlight them to you all and what their specialty is!

(Me, Hannah, Deborah and Donna)

My mom, Donna, is my team member who helps Reese+Kayte function! She takes care of anything I need help with! She handles a lot of the production side of things and then will accompany me at events/markets the majority of the time! There’s not much that my mom doesn’t do with the business!

My dad, Kevin, is the one I can count on to help get our mobile shop to and from a market! He’s also great at coming up with new ideas on how to help my business run smoothly! At the beginning of my business, he helped my business grow by passing out earrings and information to people in different states all over the country! You may have seen him walking around in his “ask me about my earrings” shirt!

My sister, Hannah, is the newest team member from our family and she’s been a great addition! Not only is she a super woman in her home life (wife, mother of 4 and a nurse) but she is super woman in the earring making world and has helped us produce earrings extremely fast without compromising quality!

My sister, Deborah, handles a lot of the computer work (invoicing, labels, etc.) along with helping package orders for shipping! Occasionally she will make some sets to add to our inventory but for the most part she really enjoys the office work the most and that’s what she does best for us! If you join one of our facebook live sales, she is also a big part of helping it run smoothly during the sale and then proceeds to send invoices out afterwards! She is also a great model for us and you’ll more than likely see a picture of her wearing the earrings in our feed every now and then!

I’ve even got my grandpa, Paul, helping us and he has a very important job! He punches all of the earrings holes into our card backings and he punches them out by the thousands while he watches his favorite show, Gunsmoke! Without his help, production would be a little slower around here so we definitely appreciate his help with keeping us stocked on all of our earring cards!

My husband, Jacob, plays a pretty big role with Reese+Kayte even though he doesn’t do much with the business itself! We make a pretty good team when it comes to parenting and he will normally keep the girls home with him during an event so I can focus on my work! He also is one of my biggest supporters when it comes to the dreams I have with this small business! 


Reese+Kayte’s team also consists of some part time team members who help with earring production when we need extra help and when we need someone to run our booth! It takes a village to run Reese+Kayte and I have a great group of people to help make it what it is!